The route to growing your targeted Twitter audience has four basic steps: First, follow folks on Twitter who you believe to be your target audience. Second, post interesting information and business updates that is related to your brand. Third, don’t spam your followers with auto-tweets, or post the same tweet over and over again. And, lastly, follow smart tweeps who are online marketers or who thought leaders in your niche. Here’s a quick overview on how to buy twitter retweets:

· Finding the Right People to Follow on Twitter: Firstly, before you begin following others, make sure your Twitter feed has a sampling of interesting posts. If your Twitter feed is empty, most people won’t follow you back. Once you’ve started with some content in your micro-blog feed, start following your target audience. There are a number of ways to do this. Two good ways to start are: a.. Go to and type in keywords relevant to your target audience. For example if you are an exercise instructor – Type in keywords like “fitness” “exercise,” “weight loss,” and other similar keywords. Follow these people. If you post relevant, interesting tweets, they will be quite likely to follow you back. You can also locate your target Twitter audience by using the “Find People” tool on the Twitter site. Again, try relevant keywords and any relevant industries and geographic areas to discover good people to follow.

· Give Your Target Audience Relevant Information: Aim to post a mixed range of interesting industry news and product or services developments from your industry. You can also include some self-promotional links to your blog or website, but don’t forget to keep it to small percentage of your overall post. Post interesting news and reviews about your products or services, but don’t forget to also post related industry news as well. For instance, if you are a hairdresser, post news about hair health, new hair treatments, products etc.

An essential way to gain a targeted following on Twitter is to retweet well and retweet often. If you see a interesting, relevant tweet by another Twitterer, share it by retweeting. Often, these Twitterers will spot that you’ve just retweeted them and will return the favor by following you. Once they’ve done so you will have access to their followers-just click on the “Followers” tab, and start following. Be generous with your retweets-it’s a very successful method of gaining a following.

· Check the site frequently. Seek out your brand name. Are customers satisfied? Follow them and show your appreciation. On the flip side, are you finding dissatisfied customers? Follow them too, and find out what you can do to remedy the situation. There have been many countless cases where people have reached customer service representatives on Twitter, and changing their tweets from negative to positive when the right kind of attention is paid. This is also known as online reputation management and it is a growing area brand management that you will need to pay attention to.

· Never Spam Your Twitter Followers: If you spam your followers, they will rapidly disappear. Spammy posts include: putting up identical URLs repeatedly; only posting product information for your own goods; having a Twitter handle that looks like this: SuperProduct2000 rather than: You rProduc tName; and asking fake questions. ie. If you sell motorbikes, it would be disingenuous to post a question like: What is the best bike on the road today? The Twitter community consists of smart and jaded consumers. They recognise when a brand is being insincere.

· Follow Savvy People to Gain a Savvy Following Many online marketers have used Twitter to assist their clients to make more money. Twitter marketing experts like Dave Peck, Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki are great names to add to your list of people to follow. Think about adding corporations too. Those involved early on in the Twitter boom are trailblazers and can offer clever ideas on how to get a targeted following.

· Don’t forget your competition. See what types of methods they’re practicing to step-up their own targeted Twitter following. Shrewd online marketers track their competition on social networks to catch what they are doing well and if they are doing it better. It’s also easier to see where your competition has gone wrong and how that can be avoided. If they hardly post and don’t respond to negative posts, it’s easy to see a quick opportunity to fill the gap for your audience.

· Be Patient. Making Money Through Twitter Takes a While:

Using Twitter is a long-term strategy. Building a targeted following won’t occur instantly, however if you use the right Twitter strategies, it will come about. Be very mindful with your Twitter following. Don’t flog stuff to them. Twitterers can spot a sales pitch from 100 paces and they’ll unfollow you pronto.

When you have acquired a targeted followers, market to them softly. Don’t send out tweets that say, “Buy my great product,” write more low key post such us: “Do you need a way to do ABC? Here’s a solution.” Instead of tweeting “Our latest product now available” announce it via your blog and then tweet it like this:: “New blog post: Why we’re so excited” and link to your post.

· Always respond to tweets your followers send you. Don’t be unresponsive to your following. As your Twitter following grows, it may get to big for you to handle alone. Consider outsourcing the work to a virtual assistant and have them handle new tweets, retweets and appropriate responses.

Twitter is a two-way street. Being successful means means staying transparent, interacting with the Twitter community and keeping things fresh. The fastest means of losing your Twitter audience is to be dull.



Many businesses allege that there is nothing like negative publicity when you use your twitter account effectively. Whether you decide to buy twitter followers or wait to attract them naturally, it all depends with what you will achieve at the end of the day. However, before you join thousands of companies and individuals from the different parts of the world in this controversial practice you know its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of buying twitter followers

To begin with, buying of twitter followers is one of the fastest and easiest ways to jump-start your business because attracting actual followers is likely to take long. Therefore, buying followers will help you create a name quickly as opposed to beginning from zero. In addition, buying of twitter will assist to boost on your sales if you are using the account to market certain products. This is because you will reach more people through the tweets and discussions you make with them. This will only happen if you have real followers. There is also an increase in traffic to your website since more followers would want to jump unto the bandwagon and find out what is attracting thousands of people to your website. To avoid losing these followers within a few days, you have to ensure that you give them exactly what they want.

Disadvantages of buying twitter followers

High numbers are not everything in social media marketing. There are times when you should interact with your followers to get their opinions about the different products you are marketing. This will not be possible if your account is full of fake followers however large their number will be. On the other hand, with time you will annoy your actual followers once they notice the truth behind it. Although it may work for the start, with time most of the followers will quit even before you achieve whatever things you wanted in the first place. Furthermore, unlike in the past where finding out that one has a good number of fake followers was hard, currently your followers will not take long to notice it. For instance, when you have millions of followers and only a handful of them engage you in meaningful debates tells a lot about the nature of your followers and the role in your account.

In other words, having a million fake followers is no better than having a single follower who can retweet. You need to take time and find out the advantages and disadvantages of buying followers before considering the idea. Similarly, you need to know of other techniques that you will use to attract actual followers to you account before you lose the popularity brought about by the fake followers in case you choose to buy. One of the ways of getting actual followers easily is creating niche where you will make your tweets to count. To add to that, engaging different users who seem to talk about every now and then will attract more followers to your account. The other thing you can do is to undertake media monitoring whereby you follow anyone who mentions anything about on their account. Tweeting during the right hours of the day or night will also help you in getting more actual followers.